Art on the Blockchain.

A new era in digital creativity has arrived with NFT Art. Welcome to the future!
Non Fungible Token
How to buy


A digital wallet to store your NFTs.

Metamask is a popular digital wallet that can be used as a Chrome extention aswell as on your mobile. It’s easy to use and free. Please make sure you download any digital wallet from it’s official website!


So you can buy crypto art and start trading.

Once you have installed your wallet you will be able to sign into sites such as OpenSea or Mintable. To buy or start minting your own NFT’s you need to add funds to your wallet in the form of Crypto.


Start looking for NFT Art to collect and enjoy!

OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces with a great selection of some of the best up and coming artists showcasing their NFT art. It’s easy to create an account once you have installed your digital wallet.

NFT Artist
About Me

Who is NFT Artist?

I have always enjoyed being creative. It's a great way for an introvert to express themselves!

"Art should speak for itself. It shouldn't matter who created it"

Born in London I grew up being very creative and was lucky enough to win an art competition at the age of 10 years old where my artwork was displayed at London County Hall. I found art a great way to express myself and loved artist such as Salvidor Dali.

Fast forward a few years and I started getting into web design. For me, it merged creativity with technology. I gained experience working with design studios in London and eventually started my own creative agency. NFT art has given me a chance to get back to creating art just for the sake of creativity and so far it has been great for my mental health!

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Non Fungible Token

What is an NFT?

Art on the Blockchain

Non Fungible Tokens-NFT

NFTs also known as Niftys are unique data tokens created on the blockchain that represent creations such as digital art, video, animations and music files. Each data token is non fungible and can be tracked on the Blockchain by anyone.

NFT Artists

Creator insights

For many creators such as digital artists and musicians, the use of minting their work on a blockchain means they now have proof of ownership of their original creations and can also benefit from royalties when their creations are sold on the secondary market! Minting an NFT on a marketplace such as OpenSea acts like a digital autograph for each creation which can be tracked for sales and proof of ownership on the Blockchain ledger.

From Art to Technology

NFT collections on Marketplaces

NFTs have sparked a huge amount of interest over the years from collectors. Only recently traditional art houses such as Christies have got involved with the sale of Beeple’s The First 5000 Days which sold for $69 Million! And with increased awareness of NFTs and Cryptocurrencies in general, the future of the digital world looks amazing and this is only the beginning!

NFT Artist

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